Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Classy Boys Are Way more Attractive Than Swaggy Boys

Fashion is all about presenting yourself to the world and it all depends upon what and who you are as a person and this also includes the type of personality one holds. When it comes to Men’s personality, it can be of various types as all men are different and have different tastes and style. The way one chooses to be, the kind of outwear one wears and the kind of vocabulary one holds has a lot to tell about the person. Though this is important for everyone, when it comes to men, it is just critically important. This is because irrespective of what men look like and the way they choose to represent themselves, they always need to be in a bracket of alpha characters. There are certain things that men needs to take care of in order to be in the category of the alpha male which is mostly liked and attracts the females towards them. This is however not a restriction for women or girls. Girls can be either classy or funky and doesn’t have to show alpha characters and this doesn’t mean some alpha characters would not make them attractive. Inspite girls with some bit of alpha characters and command over several things make them more attractive to men.

A swaggy look is something that might suit some boys can make them look attractive, but it actually doesn’t make them look like the real men. However, real men with classy looks are way more attractive than junky boys having a swaggy look. This can be related to a number of traits that are uncommon in between these two looks. The classy looking boys with complete dressing and gentle looks appear to be complete and revealing the elegance in them, while swaggy looking boys with weird fashioned jeans and tees and spiky hair might seem attractive to some but actually depicts careless attitude and informal approach. This doesn’t actually bring about a sense of completeness and thus they aren’t represented as attractive as are the men with complete dress code, classy look and overall an elegant personality that speaks its own brand.

Fashion Is a way of expressing yourself

Fashion is a word that can be used in many contexts. Sometimes it is called the manner of performing various activities while it can also be defined as the way one expresses themselves. Well whatever the definition may be, fashion is a part of everyone’s life and we deal with it every day. Starting right from what we wear to how we act and behave around others defines our fashion. Some people might say they have nothing to do with fashion, but this can be stated only when they doesn’t know what fashion actually is. For some, fashion is limited just to outwear. This is actually a wrong concept. Fashion is indeed a broader concept that defines a lot about a person. It is often said that the dress code says a lot about yourself. But its not just the dress code, a person or a human being to be more precise is a very complex machine to be understood well by just the dress code. Things like how they speak, in what manner do they interact with peers and the way they perform several activities put forth a definition for them. This in turn can be defined as what we refer to as fashion. So, it is more of a way of expressing yourself.

The way people take up different manners and they walk the fashion ramp of the world all along their day defines what they are like. So, one must take care of what sort of fashion they take up and how they represent themselves to the world. This is important because this is perhaps the only way how world interprets you as a person. Now this might conflict with some people’s mentality that success and social status largely defines a person and that is what is the most important factor in deciding how a person would be interpreted and recognised in a society. But is quite surprising that without maintaining a classy look and attitude, even a billionaire wont be respected by heart. The respect might only come up because the size of the bank accounts they hold, but it would never because of that person. Such a personality can’t be called a valuable one as if it gets respect and it honoured because of financial power, it wont be paid any heed to if the riches are gone.

So, largely it is your fashion that defines you. So, get into better fashion and express yourself better.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Let’s Talk Fashion

Fashion, a word often used in many aspects of life. What’s the trending fashion these days? These people are so old fashioned. I am excited about the new fashion week. These sentences are commonly heard and said all around. If we analyse all of them, fashion can be seen to be used with a different meaning in different sentences. Most of the times the word fashion is often used to describe the new trend of clothing that hovers over the market. The second sentence implies the correct and a broader meaning of fashion. The same meaning is used by fashion experts when they speak about it.

Now when it comes to people who are interested in fashion and are up for a serious commitment to pursue it as a career it is important to understand the deep concept of fashion and what it means to pursue it. Talking in broader terms, everyone adopts some or the other fashion. They do stuff, they perform activities, walk, talk to people and everyone have their own unique ways of doing it. This is what is called their fashion and their style of doing stuff. The same is true for models. The only difference between a common man or a common girl is that the way they do stuff is quite different and advanced that what is done by common people. The fashion that models adopt is way more attractive that what normal people do. This is the only reason why some are models and others perhaps just dream about being one of them. However, this in no way means that one cannot upgrade their style, look and attitude to become a successful model. Every human being has got the ability to change and upgrade themselves. The only thing they need is a proper environment where to nurture their talent and grow themselves into successful models.

There are several modelling schools that offer finest modelling training to budding models to groom them. 

Glamour Never Takes A Day Off

Modelling, fashion and glamour. The three golden words that most youngsters often fantasize about. For an average person who aspires to reach the heights of success in the modelling and glam world, it is something more important than a career. The glam world is itself another world that one needs to enter with a full time commitment. So it is quite undebatable that glamour industry is more of another life than just a business or a industry. A modelling aspirant who wishes to touch the heights of success in the modelling career needs to consider the modelling and glam world as another part of life and not just as a career. This sentence might sound as implying that one should give utmost importance to modelling if they are serious about it, but this is not just everything that it says. It has a lot to imply between its lines.

Modelling and glam world is another world altogether that needs to be accepted and made a part of life in order to get better in the field and get going like the modelling stars we read about and see in magazines do. The enhanced etiquettes and manners that a model needs to carry along with good sense of dressing and cool looks that makes a model look classy and defines him needs to be well adopted and nurtured all along the path of modelling career. These manners and fashion techniques can be well learned and understood from modelling schools that guide models and teach them how to safely take each and every step of modelling and climb up the ladder in an ethical way. This needs to be pursued religiously and without any type of flaws. This is why it is rightly said, Glamour never takes a day off. One needs to consistently take care of proper etiquettes and dressing and maintain them even when they aren’t on auditions, photoshoots or on ramps. This needs people to change themselves as a person. One can call it personality development in some sense as well. But doing it with attention to detail, its rightly referred to as modelling. So, what’s you look today and where do you stand? Yes its important even if you are off the auditions. Glamour never takes a day off. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I Don’t Do Fashion I am Fashion

Fashion isn’t really something to pursue or to get into as a trend. Its more of something to be adopted. It is something that is the essence of one’s own personality. Everyone is thus a fashion in themselves. The great phase, I Don’t do fashion I am fashion thus holds a great meaning behind it and an awesome message to deliver. This phrase originally stated by Coco Chanel, the grandmother of Chic has a lot to say between its lines. Though fashion being a concept has had the same definition ever since its existence, the mind set and approach of people towards it has always been different. Earlier only the elite classes were believed to be meant for fashion and they used to explore various luxuries and styles of outwears. This is how fashion was used to define earlier. One can definitely argue that it was more of a mind set and less of a concept. With the development of community and people’s point of view on what fashion is and can be, it has become more independent of one’s social and financial status. So, this statement can be said to be even more righteous today than it has been ever before.

These days there are many opportunities for people to adopt their fashion. Fashion is more of how a person lives his life. The way he does several activities ultimately defines what sort of fashion he is. Even today most people misunderstand fashion as a career and modelling the only way to pursue fashion. However, modelling is a much better way to get in some real time fashion trends. There are special modelling schools that train people on pursuing fashion and making it a part of life rather than just limiting it to your outwear. The concept of limiting fashion just to outwear as how most people used to define it can be distorted in just a single blow. Its that if a model is a model because he is fashionable and he is fashionable because of his outwear, definitely he is not a model without them. But this is just not true. So, modelling and fashion are concepts that are way beyond just the outfits and are much related to how well one organizes oneself and carries out several activities.

Modelling: A Shortcut to glam world?

Glam World, who doesn’t like entering this world of fantasy and change their lives forever? Well if one considers being a part of the glam world someday as their primary dream, of course modelling is the best and the righteous path that one needs to follow in order to start up. Though modelling is a good option to go for in order to shine in the glam world, it requires one to groom up according to the latest modelling industry standards. This requires a lot of homework to be done on oneself. Most of the times people get tempted towards using the shortcut ladders to move up in their modelling career and enter the glam world easily. These ladders are none another than certain modelling agencies who charge money from the candidates to promote their portfolios ahead of others and push them forward. Some candidates also try to get good photographers who can make attractive photoshoots for them and get their photos promoted through them. These techniques might attract many youngsters and budding models for getting into the modelling industry through the easy road but end up nowhere in the long run.

One important fact that all modelling aspirants should keep in mind is that portfolio is not what modelling is all about. A serious candidate should rather focus on all modelling traits that the current modelling industry demand and thus groom themselves up accordingly. If one is much eligible to get into the industry and shine, they will definitely be noticed. So, one who is serious about his/her modelling career must avoid modelling agencies at all costs who propose fake promises and try draining out money from the candidates and try getting into better modelling schools and training centres that provide real time training on modelling and advice to grow and nurture a modelling career.

Modelling and glamour world is not something one can just follow some shortcuts and get through. It is rather a heaven where one can shine only when they put in sufficient efforts to get into it.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

How Well Can You Predict Your Modelling Career?

Every career should be entered into with a plan and specific goals in mind. This helps you stay focused, on track and moving in the right direction on your career path. For models, having specific goals in mind for your future will help you and your agent be clearer on the jobs you should take to help you reach these goals. Keep in mind, your agent also has the tough job of being honest with you about these goals and if they are feasible for your modelling career.
If you have set goals that your agent doesn’t deem reasonable, they will help you re-evaluate them to create a more realistic list. There is a market for ALL types of models, but not all models can do all kinds of modelling. 
Here are specific goals you can begin to map out and get clear on for your modelling career and how to track them to guide your career in the right direction. 

Determine Your "Look"
While, “I want to be a model,” is a place to start, you should get more specific about the type of modelling and work you’d like to do, and more specifically, what you'll be able to do. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a top fashion model, but your "look" is more commercial in nature. Do your research on the different industries and figure out which one you’re best suited for and include it in your goal-setting. This is an especially important goal to discuss with your agent as it significantly affects the type of jobs you'd be taking.

Become a Fashion Model With These Simple Tips
Places You Would Like to Work
If you want to be a swimwear model, perhaps you have certain exotic locales in mind for beach shoots. Or, if you want to be a fashion model, you might be dreaming of walking in runway shows during Paris Fashion Week. Considering these goals and tracking them will help you stay focused and keep you motivated to work towards them.

Many people recommend visualization techniques for reaching goals, and imagining yourself modelling designer swimwear on a beautiful beach sounds like a pretty great time!

Get Lots of Exposure
Getting your photos seen by as many people as possible is essential in the competitive modelling business.  The more you are seen by modelling agencies and clients the more opportunities you will have to get signed and book more jobs.  The best place to be seen quickly by legitimate modelling agencies is ModelScouts.com.

Sign With a Great Agency
To achieve your modelling goals you will need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced agent by your side. Your agent will help you get jobs, manage your bookings, negotiate your pay, give you invaluable advice and modelling insight, as well as many other important tasks. If you share your modelling goals with your agent, they will give you a realistic picture of what your modelling future entails and which goals need to be adjusted as well as the best ways to achieve them.

Now that you have some goals in mind, the next step is to record them in an easily accessible place. Perhaps as a list on your fridge, hanging on your bathroom mirror, or typed on your computer – anywhere you can quickly get at them to re-read them. Constant reminders of your goals will encourage you to make decisions that will keep you moving towards them and eventually achieving them.

Reminding yourself why you set these objectives in the first place is another important tactic for achieving goals. Along with your list of goals, write a list of WHY those are your goals and what achieving them would mean to you. Maybe a modelling career means freedom to you – freedom to travel and to always work in different places and manage your time differently than a 9-5 job.

Should models have tattoos?

Modelling is something that requires models to dedicate themselves fulltime to maintaining and nurturing themselves in order to prove them the best in all aspects. As one needs to carry themselves just the perfect way in order to keep them up and going as a great model. Well there are certain attributes and traits that a professional model needs to follow in order to reflect a better image in the industry. These includes certain types of attitude as well as physical appearances. Mostly when it comes to commercial modelling and commercial models, certain professional attributes and traits are highly recommended and act as an essence for modelling career particularly if someone is looking for getting into commercial modelling.
Now, if we look at the tattoo side of modelling story, though it is a niche market in itself, but too small and short lived. Most of the times these tattoo models end up nowhere but just in some of the tattoo magazines. As a tattoo on a body limits them to what they represent and how they look, it makes a lot of difference when it comes to commercial photoshoots. So companies would reject models with tattoos if they are not found to be suitable enough for their ads.
Most models who have a tattoo on their body when get into some or other type of commercial modelling, they try to either remove or hide the tattoos with some cosmetics like Dermablend. Its common to be used by many top models like Angelina Jolie. The first option is too difficult especially for female models, so most of them prefer to go with the second option. However, its not good to have a tattoo if you are serious about a professional modelling career. This only adds some unhealthy traits to your profile and is in no way related to professionalism.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Modelling Classes: Are they needed?

Modelling classes can seem to be of little importance to people, but a little training and experience with it can help a lot in the real time field. One coming from a normal background with lots of preconceptions about modelling as a career needs bit of confidence to step up and face the real time modelling shoots. When someone is enrolled in some sort of modelling classes, it helps them build up the required confidence that matters a lot when you are in the field. One might consider a modelling agency as a modelling school and might assume the first step of their successful career as joining one. However, there is a lot of difference between modelling agencies and a modelling school. One might not be able to get all the essential training that is required from an agency which can be availed from a modelling school.
Modelling now a days have become a highly vocational business. It has a lot of thing encompassed within it than just a few poses and looks. These things needs to be learned and implemented in order to get closer to a successful modelling career. Thankfully there are many modelling training centres that offer courses on various modelling aspects. Lets say if one needs get a job in an good company as a sales executive, one needs to have better communication skills and some soft skills apart from the business and marketing knowledge which is of course mandatory for the job. Similarly, modelling though is often misbelieved to only comprise of good looks and style, it is much more than that. It includes the complete attributes of the person. This means one needs to be good at the way of walking, speaking, eating and everything. This is what is called perfect modelling. These things can’t be all acquired without expert advice. So some sort of modelling classes are of course important.

Now that one needs to take up modelling classes, the next question is where to avail the best classes from? There are several modelling schools that might profess to be giving the finest training with lowest prices. But when it comes to a career like modelling, one should always go with organizations that are said to be the brands in this field. Mega Model Hunt is one of the top brands as a modelling school and do provide modelling classes at the least amount of fees.

How should the diet chart of a model look like?

There are still some people who believe that a proper diet that would propagate your figure towards the fittest one is cutting off calories and fats from it. This is a very wrong concept though. Before planning on any kind of diet, one should be keen on including all the essential nutrients in it. It should always be remembered that the goal of a better diet is to get proper nutrients in the body so as to make it look and work better. This never implies that one must exclude any fats or other such elements. One should rather try to check over intake of them.  

·         It's not how many calories you eat, but how you eat them.

One need not decide the diet plan based on what amount of calories that is being given to the body. It should rather be done on the basis of seasonality, alkalinity and most importantly on food combination. A proper food combination helps in better digestion.

·         Your meals should start light, and get heavier as the day goes on and vice versa for the second half.

One should be taking light weight meals in the morning. Just some warm water lemon followed by some soup or a smoothie is fine for the breakfast. This boosts the alkalinity of the body and thus prepares it for the day.

·         Stay hydrated—just not at mealtimes.

Water makes up the major part of the body and thus one needs to stay hydrated all the time, not just during eating. Proper hydration provided to the body lets it energize and is also good for a better skin. One should however try drinking less water during meals as this might flush away the enzymes in your mouth and food pipe.

·         Stay away from bloat offenders:

It has become more of a habit of many these days to grasp a bottle of some carbonated cold drinks. This should never be a part of your habits if you have modelling plans. More intake of carbonated drinks makes you gassy and can cause a lot of acidity problems which can destroy all your diet plans.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not Photogenic? Well This is what you need to do

Are you into a modelling or aspirant to become one? Well what could stop you if you have enough passion that can drive you to the heights of success? Nothing is difficult if one is well-driven by passion towards the goals that he/she wants to achieve. The same holds true for modelling too. But most cases aren’t the same and this again is another thing that most people consider one needs to have to become a model. Yes, the best of your looks. Some people often complain of not being photogenic enough in order to get an attractive portfolio made that can act as a gate opener to the world of modelling. There are certain techniques that needs to be kept in mind for getting the best photo shoots.

Right pose and right mood:
It is well said that a photo says a lot about you and what kind of mood you are in. This cannot be judged that perfect in real time as it can be done from photos. So, one needs to take care of being a jolly and overall good mood in order to get the best of the photo shoots. One should smile a little if it is a casual photo or give a good look if the photo walks through seductive lines.

Following the nose:
Most people who are new to the field of modelling often prefer to look straight into the camera. This is wrong conception. Looking straight to the camera lessens the amount of light that needs to be seen coming out from the eyes. When a snap of a person looking elsewhere other than the camera is taken, it tells about his actions rather than witnessing his attention. And its quite obvious that action is more attractive than attention. One should thus rather try looking at the direction of the nose.

Bounce the Shoulders:
Most amature models try getting the best of the photos but try doing it with normal poses, the ones that are given for taking a professional photograph while applying for a passport. However, this is not how one can get through the best photo sessions and get the best photos clicked. For better photos one needs to play a bit with the shoulders. Keeping one shoulder lower than another is also a way that adds a bit of funkiness to your photos and makes you look attractive.

Move a bit; Don’t freeze:
One should move a bit if required. If you are not photogenic enough, consider moving in your photos. That would hide whatever attributes aren’t looking good and ultimately you would look better in photos.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some Healthy Habits To get Handsome

Fashion is not only about good looks. It is much more than that. One must be good at walking, must have a good dressing sense as well as one must also possess soft skills. These characteristics are of utmost importance in the modelling world. But apart from these good looks are also something that can never be ignored. As one is noticed only because of his/her look and then comes the other attributes. So the way you look might play a vital role in deciding your first impression with people and the first impression game is very important in modelling industry that must be well played in order to make a mark in the industry. Here are some of the techniques that one must follow in order to get handsome..

1.)    Skin Care:

In order to look good, one must take care of the skin first. The way the skin is, it will reflect light accordingly and make you look good or bad. One must try to moisturize regularly with a preferred moisturizer in order to keep the skin from drying out. One might also try using sunscreen to curb premature aging and damage to the skin from ultraviolet rays. These techniques might sound simple but can make the biggest difference in appearance as per what dermatologists suggests. 

2.)    Stop Drug Addictions:

Cigarettes are too bad for your skin and can cause even worse wrinkling than sun can. Smoking rubs the skin of collagen and elastin that is responsible for the texture of the skin and its elasticity.

3.)    Be good with diet:

Most of the times one might think that eating too much might lead to more fat in the body and might lead to an ugly look. This concept is okay to follow as long as one knows what to eat and what to avoid in order to get in a proper balanced diet. One might intake carbohydrates and avoid fats. Oatmeal is a power food and is rich in protein and essential minerals. Having cheese regularly is also good for skin as it provides the much required protein and minerals to the skin that makes it shiny.

4.)    Recover:

One who aspires to have a better skin must follow the golden rule of 8 hours of sleep every night. This is quite essential for restoring the damaged skin cells and thus make its texture better and smoother.

5.)    Go For A Cardio:
A cardio workout not helps keep you away from stress but also lowers your cholesterol level and gives you a better skin. A stress free mind helps in maintaining the functioning of the body like blood flow better and thus the skin repair function is also benefitted in the process.

Rules to Be good at Fashion: Are they really Worth?

Being good at fashion needs one to follow certain trends and techniques that would make them look better and that is how the rules to be good at fashion can be defined. This is what is a common reply that youngsters get most of the times from people who pretend to be having good deal of knowledge about the fashion industry. It is a matter of fact that most of the youngsters get demotivated from the path of fashion and leave because they lack most the trends that they are told they should have in order to pursue this as a career or they find it difficult to attain them. This is probably the main reason why most of the modelling aspirants lose interest in this field and thus fashion industry in India is mostly left with models with traditional style and thus comes to a state of saturation. This is all because of the wrong mindset that is induced into the brains of youngsters that there are certain rules and techniques to look better. However, there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Rules are something that people need to abide by, but when it comes to fashion, it is all about genuine style. Fashion isn’t about following rules and styles but it is about breaking the existing rules and styles and create new style. That is how new fashion come into being.

Another misconception about fashion is that it is all about costumes. This is largely a belief among most people who aren’t actually aware of what fashion actually means. Literally fashion has a broader meaning than people generally think. Fashion means the way we talk, the way we perform various activities. The fashion that one leads all through their lives largely depends on the way people are brought up since their childhood. Most of us grow up watching movies where we try to imitate what actors do. Most of them have their favourite actors and actresses and wish to be like them someday. Most of them try to get into modelling because of such wishes, but actually modelling is something much more beyond that. It takes you to a level where such attributes and style would come natural out of you. The ideal way of standing, sitting and most importantly talking that also includes soft skills.

Modelling and its training involves making the people enrolled in it better at each and every activities and in the process discover themselves as they are and what suits them better. This misconception has been much removed with the auditions of Mega Model Hunt in places where modelling wasn’t actually much developed a concept. The ultimate model factory that transforms people and enhances their lifestyles in the perfect proportion to become a model is perhaps a great opportunity for anyone to get into the modelling industry more swiftly than ever.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Modelling As a Career: Service Oriented Or Business Oriented

Modelling is such a career that perhaps one of every 5 of the youth dreams of getting in. Some of them might be serious enough to a bit of research about it and try contacting some modelling agencies to take the first step towards this dream, while for others this dream just ends up being a dream itself and they get carried away as per what their professional curriculum and educational background drives them. Well for those who are really serious about pursuing modelling as their primary career should understand certain depths of this concept.
One must analyse what modelling really means to them personally and professionally. This in turn needs them to think what to expect and what not to expect in here. Most of the budding models and modelling aspirants make the mistake of defining modelling as their job and expect income to flow from the very first month of getting hired like most of their friends placed in MNCs might be doing. This is wrong concept. Modelling is more of a business platform where the model itself is the business owner. Just like one needs to invest, work hard right from the scratch in order to grow and nurture a business, a model needs to invest time working on their portfolio and rectify their poses and looks as per the advices they receive from their mentors. One cannot expect the income to flow from day one, but have patience until the best part of you as a model is noticed in the industry and you finally hit the jack with the offer that acts as a turning point in your career.
Another attribute of modelling career that justifies it as a business is that the model needs to know the market and their needs and groom themselves accordingly. One needs to know what exactly is the market looking for. Let’s say if there’s a company that sells women shoes, it would need some beautiful models with good looking legs upon which their product would look even more trendy. Also the model should overally have a good personality so that they can designate them as their brand promoter. So, keeping these facts of business in mind one needs to groom as well as market themselves through the best possible photo shoots and portfolio in order to get noticed well and thus get the best possible deal to work for a brand.

Though modelling industry seems to be difficult to penetrate, with proper market research and grooming with expert advice one can easily build a promising career. Its more like a business that might seem to be difficult in the beginning, but reaps the sweetest fruits once properly established. 

Building A Great Modelling Portfolio

Believe it or not, the first impression of a person plays an important role in determining how a person is perceived later on. The same story holds true when it comes to modelling. It won’t be wrong to say that modelling is a first impression business. If someone turns off the judges, or the audience in the first impression, he/she wont even be looked at the next time. This might sound rude but is a fact at least for the modelling and entertainment industry. Most of the potential models get rejected just because they aren’t able to present themselves well in front of the modelling agencies or the judges when they get a chance to give an audition. The first impression that would be created for a model is essentially a portfolio. An aspirant model needs to have an impressive portfolio in order to crack the gateway to the modelling industry. Now the sad fact here is that most modelling aspirants who are talented enough and are eligible to enter and excel this industry don’t really have enough idea about building a great portfolio with good clicks that really clicks. Well there are certain things that one needs to take care of in order to build a great portfolio to take the first leap in the modelling world successfully.

Bringing Up realistic looks in photographs:
The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered while photography for portfolio is to give out realistic looks. This is the first mistake that most people do. In order to look better in photos they try giving up looks and poses that they aren’t comfortable with or aren’t real. This makes them look no good on photos and thus spoil the beauty on the images that could have come with natural looks and poses.

Working with photographers:
Most of the modelling agencies might advise working with multiple photographers so that the entire portfolio would overall consists of photos taken from various angles, and different styles. This isn’t a bad idea but it would of course be an expensive idea for models who are just starting it off. However this problem can be sorted if one finds a perfect photographer who understands the kind of model you are and is perfect with portfolio photography.

Finding the right make-up artist:
You need to rely on google for the best makeup artists near you. But shouldn’t always rely on the google search results solely to select the right makeup artist for you. The best thing to do would be to approach few of the top listed artists and ask them for a casual makeup done for you. This would be less expensive and good for experimenting with. Once you get the best makeup done that gives you a really good look, you can have the artist bookmarked for the rest of your photo shoots.

What to wear?
When we are taking about a portfolio, it needs to show you up what you look like. So a portfolio essentially needs to consist of costumes of varied types. This might include casual wear, formals and ethnic wear as well. Whatever be the dress code, one needs to look perfect.

What to include in the portfolio?
One can have the best selected photos in the portfolio that are filtered out after a photography session. One can include photos both with and without makeup. This shows up how genuine you look even without makeups. This creates a positive impression towards the modelling platform or the people whom you present your portfolio to.

Looking good on photos and building a modelling portfolio that really acts as a gate opener to the glamour world should be carefully worked on. One need to take time to analyse what type of pose and looks would suit them and get the work done accordingly.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What does it take to become a successful model?

Modelling can be defined in several ways as per how it is considered in different regions and by people belonging to different cultural and educational background. However, ideally speaking, it can be stated that a model is a perfect human being. One who has a good style of walking, good looks, excellent communication skills and good etiquette. Tough this is how a perfect model can be defined or to take it the other way round, this is how a model can be perfectly defined, most often the concept of modelling is just considered as being concerned with just great looks. Today the fashion and modelling industry has undoubtedly grown into multiple dimensions, but there are very few modelling platforms that has been able to walk through the right path of modelling concept and produce better models. However, if one aspires to be a good model, there are certain things one should always carry in mind and proceed accordingly.

Market Identification:
Before actually getting into the modelling career, one needs to identify the right market for himself/herself. There are several modelling agencies and platforms all around that might walk you through several unknown paths which often leads to nowhere but a damaged career. So, before jumping into this market that already has got a fierce competition, one needs to decide what market would be right for them. An urban market would require a sleek model, while in a sub-urban area, a good looking model with some natural beauty would be enough as their requirements often hover around some local magazines or local banner ads. So, one needs to identify the best market for himself/herself and proceed accordingly.

Finding the right Modelling Platform:
These days markets are overcrowded with modelling agencies and organizations that pretend to be the best platform for modelling training and grooming. But most of these are formed just for commercial benefits and has nothing to do with modelling. One who wants to become a successful model should keep away from such fraudsters. Not it only it is that these agencies demand a lumpsum upfront money but also misguide the models which badly hampers their career.  So, its worth spending time of researching for a good and ethical modelling platform before diving into it.

Strong Conceptualization:
The most important thing that one needs to bear always in mind is strong concept of a model. One should know the definition of a model and analyse themselves to see how far they are from becoming a model. There are many modelling agencies that would harass the budding models in the name of modelling. It might involve travelling long distances just for a single photo shoot, devaluing your morals by wearing outfits you never wanted to, and compromising your integrity. A budding model is more likely to get into these things if he/she is looking for a short route to fame and money. But these things end up nowhere but to a damaged career.

The most important thing in any field is practice. This might not sound that appropriate when it comes to the modelling industry. As most people simply consider it as something that is associated only with good looks and figure. But after reading this piece of article, one would never define modelling the same way. Its more than just looks. So one cannot expect entering the modelling industry and get published on a magazine just the next week. It takes ample amount of practice and grooming. So, in order to achieve the best modelling career, one need to have ample amount of practice under their belt.

Whatever, the market trend is, the hunt for the best models with proper looks and etiquette would never freeze. So this industry is a riskier one but also a ladder to an amazing career. All one needs to do is keep strong in terms of modelling concepts and pursue them with utmost dedication.